Thursday, February 9, 2012

1967 Rams Logo

This is a quicky "filler" post about just a single card. This one is growing to be my fave generic Los Angeles Rams card. I got this card from on 25 January 2011, from the same dealer I got a couple of 1960 Topps Football Redskins from my replacement Ralph Guglielmi card and "The Other Ralph" Ralph Felton (as mentioned in the previous post from yesterday).

 1967 Philadelphia - 96 Los Angeles Rams Team Card

This single color line-drawing logo was the Rams logo from 1950 - 1972 (according to a pretty reliable source). They slightly changed the logo in 1973 by coloring in the horns a golden yellow that was their primary logo until 1980.

1967 Philadelphia 0 96 Los Angeles Rams Team Card Back

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