Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2007-08 Hockey Goal-d

Got this current Washington Capital on 03 February 2012 from sportlots.com along with a bunch of other cards from three dealers. I decided to break up by dealer/grouping to keep from having one huge post. I hate when I surf the internet and have to read a webpage that would be 20 or more printed pages. Now on to the card:

2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects 157 Tomas Vokoun - Panthers

This is a 2007-08 Fleer Hockey Hot Prospects Hot Commodities 157 Tomas Vokoun - Panthers it is serial numbered on the front #199/999. Since Vokoun was traded to the Florida Panthers from the Nashville Predators on the day of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft this would be one of his first cards as a Panther.

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  1. never got into hockey either, despite having been to a couple Admirals games.