Sunday, February 5, 2012

Before There Was Tebow

For those who thought Tim Tebow and his "Tebow" ritual was something brand spanking new. Well it wasn't that sort of thing has been going on for years. Players have been going down on one knee for many years. Here is a 20 year old (OK 21 now) example of "Tebowing" before it was known as that.

1991 Score 220 Keith Byars - Eagles

OK so Keith there isn't exactly praying there, it looks more like he is crying. Bad Example but the thought is there. Sheesh I can't believe I even wasted time posting on this subject, but when I noticed this card in my collection I thought I just had to mention it. Maybe when I have more copious free time I will show more "Before There Was Tebow" cards if I have any.


  1. I remember that card. I bought way too much stuff that year and I have none of it left. None.

  2. can't go wrong with an early Eagles card... before they made the ultimate sin and hire that other QB...