Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Good '68 Dodgers Poker Hand

On Saturday 04 February 2012 the sportlots onslaught continued (Oh it is not over yet, far from it). Due to the amount of stuff I have backlogged and the amount that is coming in I won't 'splain I'll just show. I got five 1968 Topps Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers, one of which I already had but they were a set lot so no picking.

1968 Topps Baseball 15 Ron Hunt

1968 Topps Baseball 249 Bill Singer

1968 Topps Baseball 298 Jim Brewer

1968 Topps Baseball 398 Jim Grant

1968 Topps Baseball 472 Walt Alston

 I mentioned that one of the cards I had previously. That would be the Jim Brewer. Here is a side by side comparison. As you can see they both seem to be in pretty good condition, except the one on the right (the newer one) has a light vertical crease that runs about 2/3 of the card (near the center from the bottom edge to roughly Jim's left shoulder) in the scan it looks like a very long loose string or cord hanging from Jim's waist.

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  1. I like that Alston card.
    How do you find lots on sportlots? All I ever see is individual cards. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  2. Anthony,

    The lots are part of the 1,2,3 auctions section.

    And thanks for joining my blog.


  3. that Singer card looks like Mets colors??!!

  4. Bill Singer well before he was an Original Blue Jay

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