Friday, February 24, 2012

Bullets FourBall

From my sportlots onslaught part one which arrived on 11FEB2012. Here are four more of the Bullets cards I got. Brace yourselves folks because Thursday 16FEB2012 was a 10 package day and the results of some of that stuff will filter onto this blog sometime soon.

1979-80 Topps Basketball 18 Tom Henderson Bullets

Not much to say about this one. I don't recall Mr. Henderson.

1979-80 Topps Basketball 65 Wes Unseld Bullets

Looks like Mr. Unseld is swinging and getting some kind of groove on, maybe there is a Broadway musical there somewhere. Now the pose in this card is similar to the next card. I think I will do a separate post semi-in-depth comparison on these two cards sometime later.

1979-80 Topps Basketball 90 Elvin Hayes AS Bullets

As I said this card looks similar to Mr. Unseld's card from above. They both seem to be getting the rebound. Mr. Hayes seems to be fully planted where Mr. Unseld is in motion.

1979-80 Topps Basketball 103 Phil Chenier Bullets

My first reaction to this card was Mr. Chenier is waking funny. Upon further review it looks like he is actually running so it does sort of explain his weird walk.


  1. When I was a kid and followed all sports, the Bullets were my favorite NBA team. Loved Elvin Hayes especially. I remember having a card of Wes Unseld (don't remember what year) and it was as prized as a lot of my baseball cards.

  2. Hayes looks like he wants to hit someone with the ball when he gets hold of it!!