Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage Ramskins 3 Feb - Part 1 Topps

This is part one of two posts of some Vintage RamSkins (Rams + Redskins = RamSkins) I got nine cards on 03 February 2012 from one sportlots seller I have dealt with before OK lets get on with the roll call.

First Up Here's Johnny! John Carson, not the late late-night talk show host but rather the Washington Redskin End.

1958 Topps 47 John Carson - Redskins

The cartoon on the back is hard to read. The answer to the question: "What is John Carson's nick-name?" - "Long John because he uses his height to catch passes". The cartoon shows a pirate reaching for a football pass.

1958 Topps 47 John Carson - Redskins (back)

Next up: 1959 Topps 15 Del Shofner - Rams Don't know what to say about this one.

1959 Topps 15 Del Shofner - Rams

The back's scratch off "Magic Answer" looks to be incomplete or it's an order for a Chinese restaurant.

1959 Topps 15 Del Shofner - Rams (back)

OK so at first this card doesn't seem to fit because the player is in a previous team's uniform The Pittsburgh Steelers. 1969 Topps 111 Roy Jefferson - Steelers. Roy became a Redskin in 1971.

1969 Topps 111 Roy Jefferson - Steelers

This next player has a solid strong name for a Tackle Rock.

1969 Topps 146 Walter Rock - Redskins

It's Rookie Time. From 1975 a player who would have his career cut short by a horrible leg injury Joe Theismann. Joe started his pro career in the CFL (Canadian Football League) on the Toronto Argonauts. Although this is Joe's Rookie Topps Card and Rookie NFL card it is not his TRUE Rookie card because he had a 1971 O-Pee-Chee Rookie Card when he debuted with the Argonauts. So Canadians are laughing at us silly American's thinking this is Joe's RC!

1975 Topps 416 Joe Theismann RC- Redskins

That does it for part one. The next post part two the conclusion is the Philadelphia Cards will be posted "tomorrow" in about two hours. Gotta love scheduled posting.

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  1. gotta love it, finally make it to the bigs... to get your very own trading card... in... PINK!!!