Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hockey Poker: A Pair

From the 11 FEB 2012 sportlots onslaught. We hit the ice and go back to 1969-70 Canada, sort of these are the O-Pee-Chee versions. One thing I've notice with this particular year is it seems that all the player's photos were taken in hallways or some corner of the locker room. The walls you can see are plain painted cinder block walls. I don't know much about the guys from this era of Hockey since I was just a little tyke at the time and it would be another 4 years or so before I became a hockey fan because the Capitals were not in existence yet. I think I was a semi Bruins fan because of Bobby Orr and the Phil and Tony Esposito Hockey game we had. I used to think both Esposito brothers played for the Bruins but it looks like that was only Phil. Back then I thought Tony was the one on the Bruins. On with the Cards:

1969-70 OPC Hockey 14 Ron Anderson Blues

 Here is a nice card of an Anderson. I tend to collect players with that name because it is similar to my last name Andersen. OK so technically its the same name but spelled different. The origin of the name means "Son of Ander" no matter how you spell it or where you come from even if you add a couple of "S"s.

1969-70 OPC Hockey 143 Jimmy Peters Kings

This card is almost a mirror image of the other card if you squint and are blue/red color blind. A typical posed photo of the player holding his stick down. I wonder if they were actually in their skates when these photos were taken? As I said the walls of the room are plain so they could have been taken while the players were suiting up. Yeah I'll keep thinking that.

1969-70 OPC Hockey 173 Dick Cherry Flyers

My first reaction to this card was Dick Cherry - I wonder if he is related to Don Cherry? (Player/Coach best known for coaching the Bruins) The answer is YES he is related they are brothers. Thank you Wikipedia. Again we have a player in a typical pose with his stick "on the ice". Only there is no ice here.

1969-70 OPC Hockey 197 Ken Broderick North Stars

This is why I kind of dig vintage cards of goalies. Check out the huge leather pads, OK so modern pads are still huge but they use foam and nylon and plastic and simulated leather now. This Mr. Broderick is no relation to the Actor Matthew.

1969-70 OPC Hockey 199 Tom Polonic North Stars

We got another North Star here and another faux "stick on the ice" pose. I bet he doesn't even have his skates on.


  1. I questioned whether the 1969-70 Topps set was the worst ever.

  2. Thanks for the link. I think that was from before I started following your blog.

    Yes a couple of those guys are scarey. With a couple of those headshots I thought the same thing you wrote about the Arnie Brown one. A "Dragnet" Mugshot with status update on the felon.

  3. Funny. I love '69-70 OPC. A lot of those shots aren't in it. :)

    I never liked '87-88, and even with the Mario RC, '85-86 is just awful, particularly compared to '84-85.

    '62-63 Topps is dead boring and I never felt the love for '70-71, either.

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  5. no ice in one picture, no stick in the next one!